Contact Chris if you are interested in having him share one of these subjects with your young people. Chris can also lead a Chapel program and custom make a program according to your needs. All programs are adaptable for schools or youth groups.

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Drinking, Drugs and Driving People Insane!

Being constructive and not destructive   


How to treat a Girl- How to treat a Guy!

Tips for treating someone’s daughter with respect   


Life Faker to Difference Maker

Changing your world in a radical way  


How to be the best Homecoming/Prom Date ever

What to do and what NOT to do on the the big night.  


Death is not final and what Heaven looks like  

Encouragement for teens when losing a loved one and sharing the Heaven and Jesus' promises. 


If Guys are like Lazy Bulldogs are Girls like Prancing Poodles?

Enjoying the differences between the opposite sex!  


Stop the Insanity!

Being and Instrument for Noble Purposes for God  


A Resurrection? Get Real!

A seminar on the Arrest, Trial, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and how to share your faith. Approximately 7 hours. Multiple days allowed.  


Gear for the Wilderness

The world is a wilderness out there with wild beasts lurking everywhere. Are you ready for it? What kind of gear are you taking with you to protect yourself?