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What is more important to you?

What is most important to you?

Date Latest Polls Votes
18-Sep-07 What is more important to you? 224 votes
18-Sep-07 What's The worst thing that could happen to you? 138 votes
18-Sep-07 What awaits you after you die? 109 votes
26-Oct-06 Farts or Burps 208 votes
18-May-06 How safe is your school? 223 votes
18-May-06 What grade are you in? 206 votes
18-May-06 Leader or Follower 177 votes
28-Mar-06 Why do you drink alcohol? 90 votes
28-Mar-06 Choice of alcohol 105 votes
28-Mar-06 What are your drinking habits? 155 votes
09-Jan-06 Do you get along with your parents? 229 votes