Hey There,

A lot of the stuff we talk about in class really DOES make you rethink a lot of things, who you are friends with, just little choices that can impact your life in good and bad ways. I know for sure that I always think about things after walking out of that class! It's interesting, i swear you just have some impact on people, all the stories and everything.


Dear, Chris I am writing just to say thanks and that I truly believe that the things that you are teaching my peers is extremely important. Despite my often disruptive behavior in your class, I came away telling myself I really need to sit down and think about who I really want to be, as a person, and as an adult. Your words have driven me to change, be proactive, and want to make a difference. Since my completion of drivers-ed I have brought up many new ideas in the Youth United Way which I have been an active member now for 3 years. Thanks Chris for showing me that is is more important to be true to yourself than to constantly follow your friends.

Be a leader rather than a follower -> I live by this thanks to you.


Thanks Much, Ben Johnson



Hey Spanky,


Thank you for the advice it really makes a lot of sense and now that i think about it a lot of what you said was true about how maybe i want a bf because other girls have one and that i want one because im lonely. thank you so much for everything and i will keep you updated on what happens. girl p.s your really good at giving advice and helping people out keep it up. there needs to be more people like you in this world.



Hey Chris-


My name's Kelly and I just started taking driver's ed with you on monday. I think it was tuesday you mentioned the song "unwritten" by natasha bedingfield. it sounded really familiar so i went back and read it today. it's a really cool song that i've always liked. I also liked what you said about each year of your life is a new page. Each page should be inspiring, not just a "fun read" it's a hard statement to live up to, but i'll try. thanks!



Hey Chris,


I imagine this page is inspiring a lot of kids my age, and i think it has a very good effect on people. and jackie thinks the "guys page tips" is true, so yeah, i got that workin for me.





Thank you so much again for your advice for me and my dad. i am just writing to let you know that i did sit down with my dad, and i did tell him what was up, and that what he was saying and doing and how he was acting made me really unhappy. so anyhow....i sat down and actually TALKED to him about it and everything is going great. we are finally acting like we used to, we have fun together again. We watch movies, and he takes me out to practice my driving(which by the way is going good) and he has even laid off alot on saying things that unintentionally hurt. it is a huge load off of my shoulders and i have you to thank for it. so... thank you so much again from the bottom of my heart, and keep doing what your doing because you are crazy good at it!!





Your classes are so much fun. I have learned so much in just the past week. The stories you tell us are so insperational and i hope they can help me in life to just be a better person. thanks chris



Whats Up Dude!


I had class with you today and you talked about doing those "difference maker" acts. Just so you know, me and my mom bought the lady's lunch behind us in the drive-through at Taco Bell. so she pulled up to the window and found out she was getting a free lunch. thanks for the inspiration!






It's Laura R. I just finished drivers Ed with you today. it was one of the coolest experiences. Truly, I was going in there expecting the worst..and the most boring class ever. It wasn't anything close or even near that at all. Brock P and I were actually talking today (yeah..during class) about how amazing all of your stories were and how you are literally such an inspirational speaker. It's true. You have an opinion about everything and it's the coolest. Thanks for everything. Really. Now I can FINALLY do this permit and license thing. Newwww Car! I'll definitely never forget you (that's how much you impacted me - and I'm sure others as well). Take care and I'm going to start living huge..help more..and care. TAKE CARE!!1 –LR



Hey Chris,


I just wanted to say thanks for everything that you did for all of us. It was really fun havin' you as an instructor. Thanks for givin' me some different views on life, I really think about them alot and will never forget em. O yea, by the way..... I think it's a pretty well-known fact that you're the coolest instructor in the history of...ever!!

Thanks again for everything Chris, it was fun



It is really hard for a teenager in this day in age. I think it is wrong to have sex, drink, and do drugs,but it is still really hard to stick to my values. When all you hear in school are that those things are going on, you start to question and start to lower your values. I think it is really hard to stick to what you think is right but this website is really helpful to teens and to me. Keep up the good work.



Thank you for telling your growing up story. It really made me think about drinking and doing drugs and how much they mess things up. You can definitally make a different in teens lives.



Hey Spanky!!


Dude i think that it is totally cool how you have this website and are so willing to help kids. Thanks for letting us all know that we can come to you too. thats awesome! ill miss you in drivers ed!! cause i got my BLUE CARD! today. Thanks!! Spanky


Aloha Chris...


I love your site and I like what you do for people. It's bigger sense of obligation than most people have... it's good to see.

Never forget: Jeremiah 29:11 Best wishes, Greg


Hey Chris,

You are awsome! You are one of the best people i've ever met! Thanks for being so cool! Brock



I am so impressed by your "call" to young people. You are always looking for ways to reach out to the youth (who so desperately need guidence). I love the way you use humor to talk about difficult subjects and it helps inpire young people to take a look at their responsibilty in this world.

Thanks for taking the time to set up this website and taking the time to pour into our kids.